Welcome to the new blog for Robin Abrahams, and the website for Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners! NOTE: This post is going to float around up top for a while to say hi to the newbies. New content will be added below.

I’ll continue to blog Monday-Friday at my Miss Conduct blog, which will focus primarily on the advice column and New England events. This blog will be more comprehensive and will cover–well, on Facebook I described my interests thus:

Theater, Judaism, social sciences, narrative, genre fiction, art, human-animal interaction, behavioral economics, fashion, good home cooking, media and how we relate to it, body acceptance, diversity. Also, feeding cute animals by hand.

So that’s not a bad look at what you’re in for.

We’ll start in reverse order.


(As with my other blog, some posts will enable comments and others won’t. Comments are open here so you can say hello–and so I can get some moderating practice on the new software.)

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