Welcome to the new blog for Robin Abrahams, and the website for Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners! NOTE: This post is going to float around up top for a while to say hi to the newbies. New content will be added below.

I’ll continue to blog Monday-Friday at my Miss Conduct blog, which will focus primarily on the advice column and New England events. This blog will be more comprehensive and will cover–well, on Facebook I described my interests thus:

Theater, Judaism, social sciences, narrative, genre fiction, art, human-animal interaction, behavioral economics, fashion, good home cooking, media and how we relate to it, body acceptance, diversity. Also, feeding cute animals by hand.

So that’s not a bad look at what you’re in for.

We’ll start in reverse order.


(As with my other blog, some posts will enable comments and others won’t. Comments are open here so you can say hello–and so I can get some moderating practice on the new software.)

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22 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Colleen E. says:

    Hello there! I followed you over from Boston.com where I have been a faithful reader of your column for a couple years now! I am very excited about this new site and I can’t wait to read your book! yay!

  2. Amy R. says:

    The blog looks really great! I’m looking forward to the reading at the Booksmith.

  3. beth says:

    Love the new site! Beautiful background & kangaroo picture. Only one downside… why aren’t you wearing a crazy suit with giant shoulderpads in your videos??? You are depriving future blogging generations of laughter and confusion… though your etiquette videos aren’t strange in the least.

  4. magicbean says:

    Waves hello! (Waits quietly on bench for the rest of the team, swinging legs.)

  5. Congrats on your new digs! I’ve been reading your Boston.com blog and column for some time, and now this new site has a place of honor in my feed reader. :-)

  6. Ajay says:

    Just got a notice from the elves at Amazon – they’ve just shipped your “Mind over Manners” book.

    And now a new blog!


  7. ConductMom says:

    I am the proudest ConductMom ever! She has always been a “Goddess in Progress”
    Thank you, all of her “followers” I can tell you that YOU (yes I mean you), are so appreciated as part of her community…conductmom loves you all!

  8. PJ says:

    Love the new blog, and am sooo excited that the book is on its way to me, right now!

  9. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about ALL these topics.

  10. Chris says:


    Congrats on the book and the new site!

  11. Mappy says:

    I’m another follower from Boston.com . . .
    Congrats on the book and the new site, which looks great. I also had an e-mail from the Amazon elves, so I’ll be looking forward to getting the mail this week.

  12. yikes says:

    Congrats! I have a friend who maintains a log of animals he has touched…I always thought he was loopy, but you have given me pause…(or paws???).

  13. Marilyn S says:

    Congratulations, Robin! I’m very much looking forward to reading the book, since I’ve enjoyed the column and blog for so long.

  14. MelissaJane says:

    Congratulations on the book release, and…I don’t know, what does one say about a new blog? Happy New Blog!

    I have loved your boston.com blog and Globe column, and the entire premise of the book just satisfies my soul. I get a kick out of the couple of lukewarm comments on amazon that say “Well, it’s all right, but it’s not an etiquette manual!” Um, yes, that would be the point, but thank you for playing. Go forth and conquer, McMom!

  15. Anna says:

    Congrats! I love the new blog layout. And the videos are quite cute :O)

  16. Pat says:

    Following over from Boston.com as well. Love the new digs, Robin. Just finished watching the Milo video. Can I have him? Hoping to get over to your book signing in Brookline next week.

  17. Ginger says:

    Congrats! Longtime reader of your column and follower of all things Miss Conduct, your book is winging its way from amazon.com to my house as I type this. I loved the Milo video, so great to see him “live” instead of just a pic. I’m having my bookclub read your book, I’ll let you know how it is received (they are a tough crowd, I just had them read Kristin Chenowith’s semi-autobiography and they all hated it, everyone’s a critic).
    Best of luck, I can say…I knew her when….

    Peace out,

  18. Alyssa says:

    Love the book! Over halfway through at this point–I guess I’ll need to find something else for my 3 week trip. :-) Terrific job!

  19. JC says:

    Love your column on Boston.com and I’m looking forward to following your blog!!!
    I bought several copies of your book for recent graduates. Your advice has helped me through many situations and I hope your book will do the same for them.

  20. Susan says:

    I’ve been following you for sometime now and I always enjoy your bloggings! I love your videos and your sense of humor. I’ll be purchasing your book soon. Good luck with all your new endeavors.

  21. OffTheGridGirl says:

    Congratulations Miss C on all the wonderful new chapters happening in your life right now: the Today Show appearance…the book…the new blog — all good stuff!

    I’m halfway through McMom and (cue McDonald’s jingle): da da da da da…I’m lovin’ it! tee hee. Especially the chapter on children. You nailed it.

    PS: Regarding your recent videos…I have to say I’m tickled that we own the same Eiffel Tower lamp — shade and all. Quel surprise!

  22. Robin says:

    OTGG, thank you! The chapter on children was the hardest one in some ways for me to write, because it’s the one I have least experience with. I have food rules, I have money, I have a religion, a relationship, health problems, and a pet, but I don’t have kids. I sure try to listen to folks that do, though!

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