Bringing together several themes …

A post on Salon’s Broadsheet that brings together several themes we’ve been talking about of late: Facebook, narcissism, parents v. nonparents (this came up on Wednesday’s chat a bit):

What happens when the Mommy Wars and online oversharing collide? Well, if STFU, Parents is any indication, the answer involves a seemingly endless supply of Facebook status updates involving bodily fluids. The blog chronicles some of parents’ (and mostly mothers’) most disgusting and narcissistic posts.

Unsurprisingly, STFU, Parents has already awakened the ire of moms and dads who don’t see the humor in the site. “You know what?” writes a woman named Miriam in an e-mail posted on the blog. “If people don’t like parenting updates on facebook, they should unfriend that person and get the fuck over it.” She goes on to call the anonymous blogger a “bigot” and wonders whether “STFU blacks” and “STFU gays” are on the way.

I’m not sure that accusations of anti-parent bias address the real problem. More to the point, good luck trying to explain to your college-aged daughter why she shouldn’t post pictures of herself vomiting on Facebook when you already did, sixteen years ago.

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3 Responses to Bringing together several themes …

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You could make a site like this for Facebook posts of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, etc. etc. etc. I’ve seen some stupid, ridiculous, TMI posts for several of my friends, who are all different types of people (with the only similarity is they are attention seekers).

    But I agree these posts on this site are pretty attention hungry. I don’t think narcissistic is really the right word because the posts aren’t only about the person posting, but about their children. So indirectly narcissistic? I think some people just don’t care about what they post online. Me, if I think it’s stupid and no one will care, then I don’t post it. But maybe I think differently from these posters because I’m not a parent…

    I think this post on that website is the best. It sums up stupid posts on FB very well:

  2. veronica says:

    Wow, MissC, I had never thought of that connection….if parents are blogging and posting pics of baby sue’s 1st puke, etc etc it’s going to be a little harder to explain why that’s bad when they’re 16+.

    As a non-parent at the moment (for it would be totally irresponsible for me to breed with no job and no husband) I do my best to treat the parents with respect but I do get irked when the respect doesn’t go both ways. Example, I was at the New Haven Union Station Subway Shop. Behind a dad and 4 kids, who tied up the line trying to agree on a type of sandwich. “Dad I want this one….no wait this one.” It took them a couple minutes before Dad realized it would be better to go outside the store and decide on an order before coming into the sardine can of a shop.
    Although this might just be pet peeve of mine from back in my movie theater concession days and not necessarily an anti-parent rant….you’ve waited an eternity in the concession line and have no clue as to what you want?! AND YOU WONDER WHY THE LINE TOOK SO LOOOONG?!

  3. bluemoose says:

    Sometimes, parents need to remember that while their world may revolve around their offspring, mine does not and never will. When I lose you behind the screen of your kids, we have nothing left to talk about.

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