What should I wear on the “Today Show”?

Help me decide. I’ve narrowed it down to three outfits, which I then photographed in really bad lighting. Oh well.

Outfit the first: Orange jacket, black skirt/dress


Pros: Jacket is a good TV color and looks authoritative but still fun. I can wear the skirt on the train & have the dress for backup. Lots of accessorizing options.

Cons: Is orange and black too Halloweeny?

Outfit the second: Grey tank, purple skirt. This skirt is actually a mulberry color, not nearly as dark as it looks.


Pros: Ladylike. Scarf allows for discreet miking, which is always a plus. I’m committed to the scarf on this one, which means I don’t have to make a lot of other accessory decisions. (Having options and not having options are both good, oddly.)

Cons: Might be a little bit fussy; projects femininity but not expertise.

Outfit the third: Pink tank, black skirt.


Pros: Simple. Bright TV-friendly colors. Can add a scarf or cardigan (yellow or black).

Cons: Too casual? Or do I only think that because it’s really comfortable? Would a cardigan smarten it up? Which color?

What do you think I should wear, readers?

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