Greetings, newbies!

If anyone’s come to this site after watching the “Today Show,” welcome! I have another blog here, as well. That one has been around much longer than this one, so you can browse around on both. Here’s a few Greatest Hits you might enjoy:

Is narcissism the new humility?

Etiquette is a blunt instrument

The Annals of It’s Not About You

To the lady who hit my friend with the door

… and an excerpt from the money chapter (I mean, the chapter actually about money, not, like, the “money chapter” in the show-biz sense of it being the climax of the whole book) of Miss Conduct’s Mind over Manners that was published in the Boston Globe magazine.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter–robinabrahams.

Thanks for watching and reading!

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2 Responses to Greetings, newbies!

  1. geekgirl99 says:

    I loved the Annals of It’s Not About You, and would love to see more of them! (Both to chuckle at other people’s obtuseness AND to learn to avoid such pitfalls myself!)

  2. Robin says:

    If any such incidents occur in your everyday life, send them on to me!

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