Other double features

I mentioned below that “Project Grizzly” and “Grizzly Man” would be an excellent double feature, especially if you were in the mood to watch movies about bears and the men who love them too much. What are some good double features you’d recommend for Netflix Night at home?

Mr. Improbable and I once watched “Galaxy Quest” and “Trekkies” back to back, which is a terrific combination: if you haven’t heard of it, “Trekkies” is a documentary about Star Trek fans. (“Galaxy Quest,” of course, is a spoof on Star Trek and Trek fandom.)

“Rushmore” and “Election” came out around the same time, and I saw those as a double feature in the theater: two quirky comedies about high school politics.

The nights are getting longer. Time to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn or a cup of hot chocolate and watch some flicks. What double features do you like?

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