Acronyms Gone Bad (ABG), rural edition

Coincidences never cease. Cousin Dan doesn’t always read my blog, so he’d missed my post on “When acronyms go bad.” But he’d left D.C. for his hometown of Springfield for Thanksgiving, and posted on his Facebook a photo of the local flea market:


The Springfield Trading Depot. From a review on Yelp:

Don’t let the state of the place fool you, either. You will always find the vintage treasures or tacky gifts here that you heart so desires. So, pack your hand sanitizers, some tissues and a soda and your set for your STD excursion!

Thanks, Dan!

(For those of you keeping track at home, Dan went as a 1970s undercover cop for Halloween, and thanks you all for your suggestions. I’ve seen FB pictures of his costume, too, and thought he looked good, although he claims not to have been feeling it. Cousin Dan is a Halloween artiste, and like all true artists is his own worst critic.)

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