Annals of bad typography

Tired? Run-down? Not enough energy for all the family, work, and community obligations of the holiday season? Shaw’s Supermarket knows exactly how you feel:


You can find this graphic on their website, but it awesomely came up in a commercial last night during either “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office.” Reinforced Michael Scott’s statement that “Christmas isn’t about Santa, or Jesus — it’s about the workplace” in an oblique sort of way.

(Don’t even ask me why I’m still watching “The Office.” Just feeling too listless last night to turn the TV off after “Parks & Rec,” I guess.)

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5 Responses to Annals of bad typography

  1. Molly says:

    I was at Ten Thousand Villages yesterday and heard this exchange between two employees.

    He: I’m so tired of Christmas music. I can’t wait for Christmas to be over.
    She: You don’t really want Christmas to be over.
    He: Oh yes I do. I’m working full-time until then. I’m so busy I haven’t even had time to think about Jesus.

  2. Robin says:

    Aw. I feel so sorry for retail employees and anyone else who works in a “Christmas rush” industry this time of year!

    I always wonder that about clergy, too, of all religions … if it isn’t a challenge for them to get their own spiritual experiences on Christmas or the High Holidays or whatever, because they’re so busy stage-managing and planning and sermon-writing.

    But good grief, we’ve been serious enough on this blog about religion and the holidays lately! Let’s just invent cocktail recipes and mock inferior design for a while.

  3. Wench says:

    Oh goodness. That was the exact thing I said to my partner when I saw that. We laughed.

  4. Shulamuth says:

    That sooooo sums up my holiday retail feelings right now!

  5. Robin says:

    So, Shulamuth, maybe it’s absolutely *brilliant* design, in a subliminal-advertising kinda way?!

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