I have been schooled

… in the matter of prematurely declaring anything the “Most X Ever.” Because something else will surely come along that’s even X-ier, sometimes sooner than you think. You liked Igor, the coroner’s assistant? Check out the Demon Sheep!

(Also, do watch Rachel Maddow’s commentary. She’s so much more polite than I am — I can think of a lot of ways to pronounce the acronym “FCINO” besides the refined “fa-SEE-no” that she chose!)



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3 Responses to I have been schooled

  1. Shulamuth says:

    I knew you’d like this one1

  2. Robin says:

    As a theater person yourself, you’ll appreciate this–I was chatting with an old friend who is now a theater professor, and we’re thinking about collaborating on a paper on horror-movie motifs in political advertising! (Don’t forget that anti-gay-marriage “Gathering Storm” ad, too–and for that matter, Hillary Clinton’s “3 am phone call.”)

  3. Shulamuth says:


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