Just another manic Monday …

Oy. I have a marathon meeting this morning at the business school to work through book edits with my boss. And yes, my alarm didn’t go off, I probably ate some stuff I shouldn’t have at the Superb Owl party, and the edits aren’t fully done because another work-related emergency cropped up on Friday morning (and neither my boss nor I work on Saturdays) and it’s just … oy, that’s what it is!

I’ve been noticing through internet and face-to-face relationships that the past week or two has been weird for everyone. Blogs that I read are having comment drama. (Including a bit on my own, which I am just not dealing with right now.) People are having accidents. Washington D.C. is covered in snow while here there’s not a flake on the ground. Friends are fighting and breaking up. The Smoke Monster’s rival is inhabiting a re-animated Sayid. (That’s my theory.)

Tell me it’s not just me and my network. Has this been a weird time for you as well? What, if anything, do you attribute it to? Midwinter madness?

Let’s consider this an open thread, and also a requests thread. Anything you’d like me to blog about? Or follow up on from previous discussions?

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8 Responses to Just another manic Monday …

  1. geekgirl99 says:

    I would love to see you follow up on the “Epidemic of Rudeness” post…but it got so involved that a response would probably have to be epic itself, so I understand that might have to wait. I was surprised that so many people feel we are going to hell in a handbasket, when I agree (with something you mentioned in your book!) that for the first time ever in history, we are finally being, on some level, required to be polite to everyone. I also found it surprising that so many people wanted to tell you how to run you blog. I thought the one guy deserved to be banned, and that he was absolutely acting like a troll, but even if I didn’t, your blog your rules, right? Visiting someone’s blog is like visiting their house. You’re not supposed to tell them how to manage their children.

    I would also love to hear more about how you navigate your dietary restrictions; I have many friends with a variety of dietary restrictions, so hearing input on how best to serve them is always interesting.

    Also, it’s not just you with the weirdness! It’s been oddly tough over here too.

  2. E.A. Week says:

    It’s not just you, MC. I always feel… out of sorts at this time of year. This morning, my commuter train was late, and then the driver of the Green Line trolley I was on shut the door on my arm when I was trying to exit the train. I arrived at work in a foul mood. Not the best way to start a Monday!

    So I blew off a little steam with co-workers, had a laugh and some coffee, and now I feel a lot better. Finding out that others have had similar experiences helps alleviate the frustration and also helps make me feel like not so much of a prickly cactus.

    I think it’s the time of year/ weather, too, although can I say I’m sooo glad we didn’t get belted with that awful snowstorm? It’s cold, sure, but cold I can deal with. Cold is okay if the sun is shining. And heck, I’ll take a blizzard over an ice storm any day of the week.

    And the Winter Olympics start on Friday! Woot!

    WRT the open question on rudeness, I’d take a deep breath and step back before tackling any kind of summary. I think the MoM book hit things really well when it mentioned the multiple stressors people have to deal with in their daily lives, all of which is (IMO) exacerbated by the incessant, invasive media and the seemingly 24/7 electronic stimulation we’re all subjected to. Throw in weather, traffic, and economic woes, and is it any wonder we’re all so snarly?

    And I also agree: you run the blog, you make the rules. If people don’t like it, tough.

    Oh, I owe you a big thanks, MC–I checked the “natural foods” aisle of my local supermarket, and found the Irish steel-cut oatmeal you recommended. Huzzah! So happy to have this treat back in my daily diet.

  3. Dmajor says:

    Deep breath, Miss C, deep breath.

    Probably yes, the season does have something to do with it. This is that long pointless stretch of winter, after all the fuss, frolic, and upgefuchts of The Holidays(tm) and long before the first green shoots of daylight saving. Except for the clever folks in New Orleans, for the rest of us, the major holidays of these weeks are (1) a futile superstition about a magic animal who can make winter end sooner, (2) a televised violent clash between automakers, beer companies, and pizza purveyors, with a little bit of sports sliced in, and (3) for the Devout, the formalized renunciation of whatever form of succor has gotten them through this dark season so far.

    Today is the first truly sunny day in too long. Get out for a walk or at least try to sit near a window. Hope you’re doing better soon.

  4. Amy R. says:

    This has definitely been an odd couple of weeks. I feel so overwhelmingly frustrated by things that are not that hard. And it seems that for people I am close with, work stuff has gotten really difficult. The struggle between wanting better for yourself and feeling bad about it because there are still people looking for jobs is hard. Especially if someone you tend to lean on is unemployed.

    So I guess I would be interested to read more about navigating what I call the “international pain scale” — how to deal with something that is big to you while being mindful that someone else would love to have that problem. (I remember you touching on this awhile back.)

    I would also like to read more about friendship breakups and dealing with those tricky waters, especially when other members of the circle are still friends.

  5. Shulamuth says:

    The last couple have actually not been all the weird for me and mine, but I certainly have had my patches of similar. I have a theory (picked up from Theodore Sturgeon back in my youth) that life’s path is made up of stepping stones, usually reasonably spread across the landscape at one-step-apart distance. If you make a misstep you land in the mud, but more than that your next normal step takes you to the puddle that is between the next two steppingstones, rather than back on the path. This can go on for a while until you manage the half-step or huge step that gets you back on the path for a while. So if things are going to the weird they can sometimes stay there for quite some time.

    Mind you, since I haven’t a clue as to how to get back on the path when I’m off it, it’s not a very USEFUL theory, but I’m always happier with a metaphor, however unhelpful, in place than I am with no guide at all.

  6. MelissaJane says:

    Ooooo, Shulamuth, I have a new metaphor! Thanks!

    I’ve always hoped for more in The Annals of It’s Not All About You. Just sayin.’

  7. ATF says:

    Earlier today when I was working in lab, I thought of something that I wanted to hear your thoughts on. It wasn’t a manners/conduct related question but rather one along the lines of a “I generally like the way Miss Conduct thinks about things, I wonder what she thinks of this”.

    And now, naturally, I have the perfect spot to post the thought I had and I can no longer remember what it was. Like, it’s just gone from my headspace. Sigh.

    But yes, there is something in the air/water/whatnot. Most of my friends are dealing with malaise of the general out of sorts variety. Right now, I am just tired of being a grownup. I don’t know of a better way to put it.

  8. Fillyjonk says:


    Also, I dunno, we haven’t seen anyone actually inhabited yet. Locke is a copy in fact. Not that that makes it impossible.

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