Emotionally nuanced Facebook buttons

All of us Facebook fans realize that the “like” button is insufficient. A friend posts an article about some political outrage, so you “like” it. A friend complains about her sinus infection or broken dishwasher in a particularly amusing way, so you “like” it. Then you have to make the comment below saying, “Not that I ‘like’ genocide, but I’m so glad you posted this important article” or “I’m not happy you’re sick, but you have such a great sense of humor!” even though the other person knows perfectly well what your “like” meant, and you know they know it, and they know you know they know it, but you still have to explain it because otherwise it feels weird.

There’s already a campaign for a “dislike” and a “that’s what she said” button, but I think this is setting the bar too low. Given the advances in technology, should not Facebook be at least as nuanced as a Magic 8 Ball?

Here are some buttons I’d certainly find useful:

* Disturbingly intrigued by
* Irritated yet compelled (you know people would use this all the damn time)
* Wish I hadn’t known that
* And yet, we are related
* Wow, you’ve changed
* Wow, you haven’t changed

What buttons would express some of your common thoughts upon reading the updates of your Facebook friends and family, dear readers?

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