Bible boo-boos

So, last night I went to see a play — I’m not going to link to what I saw, in case this would embarrass anyone, which it shouldn’t — in which there was a reference to Rahab, the virtuous prostitute in the Hebrew Bible who helped the Israelites conquer Jericho. They pronounced it “Rehab,” which I thought was a pretty cute joke.

Except drinks with the cast later revealed that it wasn’t — they just didn’t know.

Sigh. Do you have to be a fundamentalist to wish people knew the Bible better? Certainly not. It’s one of the cornerstone documents of Western civilization, there’s so much of art and literature and music that you simply can’t appreciate unless you have a good grounding in the Bible.

(My neighbors got a dog named “Vashti” a couple of years ago, and thought she was named after a Hindu goddess. They totally didn’t get my joke “Good luck teaching her to come when she’s called.”)

Anyway, I posted this on Facebook, and got this hilarious response from a friend of mine: “Had a Bible teacher who once heard a sermon in which the preacher meant to be talking about the Shema, but kept calling it ‘the Great Shamu.’ Like, over and over.” Let me tell you, a protein shake hurts when it comes out your nose.

There’s got to be a joke in there somewhere about the Orca of the Covenant.

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