Etiquette tip du jour

From one of my most wonderfully cranky friends, as posted on Facebook:

Do your boss a favor, and forego the long, detailed description of each and every symptom you are suffering. Please also don’t fill her cube with the beleaguered exhalations of the afflicted, heavy with virus. Call or IM and GTFO.

Good call. I think my friend should write an etiquette book, too. She’s an extroverted misanthrope, whereas I am an introverted, um, pro-anthrope. We are the perfect yin/yang of social relations.

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6 Responses to Etiquette tip du jour

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  2. EA Week says:

    Sometimes the long, detailed, exhaling-germs kind of description is necessary to “prove” your ailment is for real, and that you’re not, in fact, skipping out to go to the beach or to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

  3. johanna says:

    As a college instructor, this goes for students as well. Just tell me you were sick if you feel you have to, and get a note from the infirmary if you want to.

  4. Gnatalby says:

    Sounds like your friend is lucky enough to either be the boss or have a boss who believes everything she says.

    Not everyone is so lucky.

  5. KellyK says:

    There’s an interesting discussion on that topic going on over at Ask a Manager:

    It can be kind of a no-win situation, because over-sharing looks unprofessional, but if you don’t explain, you risk people being resentful or thinking you’re slacking.

  6. We cranks are very concerned with etiquette and the ways in which people tramp all over it. We just can’t discuss it in a diplomatic manner.

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