Whale snot and rude shoes

The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was yesterday, and it was delightful and exhausting as ever. You can check out the winners’ list here.

It’s the most hectic day of our year, of course. And when a person is busy, and constantly checking e-mail and phone messages and juggling lots of information, a person may make a slip in reading comprehension. Which is why I got rather excited that my daily Google Alerts informed me that “rude footwear” was available in the “Miss Conduct” style. Rude shoes! Like Steve Martin’s famous “Cruel Shoes,” only not quite as directly brutal, perhaps only passive-aggressive.

Imagine my dismay when I reread the link this morning and discovered that, no, they were nude shoes.

And ugly ones at that.

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5 Responses to Whale snot and rude shoes

  1. Nancy Gill says:

    So how did you react to Karen Hopkin referring to Marc Abrahams as “my streptococcal sweetie” and other such endearments throughout the evening?

  2. Shulamuth says:

    Nude shoes? They wear no clothing?

  3. Alison says:

    I thought you might like to know that reading your column allowed me to know the answer to one of the questions at my pub trivia quiz last night! The question was about the Ig Nobel prize with the roller coasters alleviating symptoms of a disease, and I nailed it (asthma). Even though we didn’t win the quiz, I felt very accomplished and knowledgable. Thanks! :)

  4. V says:

    An IgNobel laureate was awarded one of those other Nobels this morning. See

  5. Robin says:

    You all are the best! V, we learned that this morning and are VERY excited. This is the first time anyone’s gotten both!

    Nancy … neither of THEM has ever thought to ask me how I feel. It’s kind that you did. Although I’m in no way a jealous person, oddly, that does kind of bother me. But damn, it was funny when she called him her “MRSA muffin.”

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