Yet another storytelling event

This Tuesday, October 26, I’ll be one of the judges at a storytelling slam at Johnny D’s in Davis Square. The slam starts at 8:00 pm (signup begins at 7:30) and tickets are $8 — free for Somerville residents with a story to tell! More info here.

The slam is on the theme of “Horrified!” — nicely specific yet open-ended, that — and is hosted by Massmouth. From the press release:

Many things may make us horrified, from medical to the media, social and political, culinary, natural and macabre. On October 26th, ten intrepid contestants will strut, before judges and audience, their best 5-minute tale on the “horrified!” theme for laughs, gasps and prizes. First prize: a $50 Johnny D’s gift certificate. For contestant tips & coaching, visit: In between, audience members may participate in story games, Halloween riddles & who-knows-what-all-other surprises. Make reservations @ Johnny D’s for a great dinner & the best seats!

What’s your best five-minute story of a time when you were horrified? Come tell us!

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2 Responses to Yet another storytelling event

  1. veronica says:

    I can’t come to the event, but the most horrified I’ve been recently was on a night with a full moon. I was somewhere between awake and asleep and glanced over at my closet door and saw the grim reaper. I fumbled to turn on the light but couldn’t. So I turned on the TV, checking CNN and the Weather Channel to make sure there was nothing that would have caused the Grim Reaper to come for me.

    Turns out what I saw was just my bathrobe, hanging on the hook on my closet door.

  2. WhirledPeasPlease says:

    Ohhh. I still shudder at this.

    I was in an elevator with coworkers, three 40-to-50-something women who are generally very normal, polite people. An obviously pregnant woman was already in the elevator, and the five of us rode in companionable yet awkward elevator-silence until one of my coworkers burst out, “Oh! You’re pregnant!” and then moved to fondle the poor woman’s stomach, while asking, “You’ll continue working and not stay home, right?”

    The 45 seconds it took for the elevator to reach our floor were the longest of my life.

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