Eight crazy nights

Tonight is the beginning of Hanukkah, and — dare I say? — I’m kind of feeling it this year. Hanukkah is a minor holiday, not one I observe, and one that is fairly problematic in a lot of ways.

Last year, Senator Orrin Hatch, of all people, got me into the Hanukkah spirit. But it’s not defiant Jewish pride I’m feeling this year. It’s peace. Shalom, which means not only peace, but wholeness. I’ve gone through quite a year, and now the days are getting short, and the nights are long, and I am ready to light a candle against the darkness, drink a cup of tea, and trust that I will have enough fuel to get me through tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. That as long as I am reconsecrating and blessing — my body, my mind, my community, my work, my home — my oil will last.

Happy Hanukkah.

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