A year in review

Watching the seasons change on Facebook means watching endless updates about the desirability of pumpkin lattes slowly turn into collages of the year’s updates. Here is a collage of my Facebook updates from 2010:

Is this time of the year — or any time, really — a nostalgic one for you? Are you the sort who likes to look through photo albums (or scroll through old text messages) and reviews their calendar at year’s end? Or does that sort of thing bore you?

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4 Responses to A year in review

  1. KellyK says:

    I have random nostalgic phases that don’t really line up with the calendar year. I do love looking through old pictures, and occasionally old e-mail and LJ entries.

    Also, even if Thanksgiving and Halloween are past, I still want a pumpkin latte. :)

  2. Carolyn says:

    I like old photo albums and yearbooks. I’m constantly amazed by how life’s changes are both inevitable and surprising, if you see what I mean.
    The feeling comes at any time of year, with perhaps a boost at birthdays and anniversaries.

  3. akmom says:

    I get nostalgic any time of year. It helps that my husband puts all of his digital photos onto SmugMug, so any time I go look at new photos I’m drawn into looking at old photos as well.

    I was particularly nostalgic last week – the parents are putting together a yearbook for my son’s fifth grade class, and we were combing through old photos looking for some to include. Being surrounded by lots of images of all of us so much younger made my eyes quite misty.

  4. bluemoose says:

    September is my nostalgic time of year, but sometimes the holiday leave offers enough time to be properly thoughtful about the year. That, and the draw of making up photo scrapbooks for gifts (spent far too much time doing that a few weekends ago).

    I love a brand new calendar, and in fact bought a Moleskine planner on vacation (yes, I know, I can buy them at home, but this one will remind me of vacation even though it’s plain and black). But I have a monthly desk calendar at work and a file for one year’s worth of the pages (never know what I might have to look back and remember). When I tore off and filed November 2010, I looked over November 2009 before recycling it. So I have a brief moment of work nostalgia at the beginning of every month.

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