I do not understand this

This is an ad for mortgages. When you mouse over the gingerbread man in the original popup, he does what would be tricep dips (if he had elbows) in the shotglass.

Does this make sense to you?

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3 Responses to I do not understand this

  1. allstonian says:

    Given his expression of distress and his flailing little feet, I’m thinking he’s supposed to be being dunked (by nobody) and trying to escape the glass. My bet is that the artist intended it to be a glass of milk, but if it were properly opaque one wouldn’t be able to see the whole body of the gingerbread man, so instead we just have a weird-looking glass of Fail.

  2. Shulamuth says:

    Some kind of an “get out from in over one’s head” allusion?

    Or, given how many adds pop up on the right side of web-pages with really disconnected moving images, there is always the possibility that the people who build these just grab the first piece of flash they find and toss it in regardless of appropriateness.

  3. Jerry says:

    I can barely remember those things. If you use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus and NoScript add-ons, you will never have to see one of those ever again. Just sayin’.

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