I sort of hate to mention it …

… but it’s that time of year, and I really have to.

Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners makes an excellent Christmas present for anyone with a sense of humor and a curiosity about human behavior, and it’s discounted at Amazon.com. And if that doesn’t do it, isn’t there someone in your life — a teenager, a help desk techie, a stay-at-home mom — who could use a “Please Stop, I’m Bored” mug?

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2 Responses to I sort of hate to mention it …

  1. JP Gal says:

    Robin, this post doesn’t become you! It’s a great book — filled with wisdom and humor and fascinating stories — so far from hating to mention it, you should be reminding everyone what a great gift it makes! So take down this silly post and put up the proud one your good work warrants.

  2. emr110 says:

    I took advantage of the fab deal from Amazon and ordered two – one for me and one for a gift. Very much looking forward to reading it…the day after Christmas with cocoa and all the leftover christmas cookies as a post-holiday treat to myself. It was supposed to be the new Stephen King book, but I couldn’t wait….

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