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You may notice there hasn’t been much of that going on for a while. Boston winter weather plus the freedom to work at home are not good motivators for outfit creation, I must confess!

Mostly, I’ve been refining my at-home uniform. Fellow freelancers, students, stay-at-home parents, part-timers: do you have a default house outfit? I’ve been wearing leggings and layered tanks and long-sleeved t-shirts with cardigans and casual skirts. Not wildly fashionable, I admit, but it’s cozy and reasonably attractive, and I can dress it up with a touch of lipstick and earrings to walk Milo or pick up a coffee. Kind of a ballerina/shtetl look.

Given that style is about clothes for how we actually live, now that I think about it, that counts as success. Style isn’t about dressing as fancily as you can for every single moment, any more than good cooking is about making the richest dishes you can. It’s about using what’s in your closet, or cupboard, to create something that works for you.

What’s your “house clothes,” if you too spend a lot of time at home? Mine are below the fold!

The basics, for sleeping and exercising at home:

Leggings: Steve Madden (Filene’s Basement)
Tank top: Chico’s Travelers (eBay). These are wonderful tank tops for year-round — they are made of a slippery fabric, so they make good undershirts.

Long-sleeved T: Gap Body
Cardigan: Macy’s
Skirt: Target

Hoodie: Thrifted
Pashmina: ??

… and so on, adding layers like a real-life matrushka doll!

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