I don’t care that we’re getting another storm today. Really, I don’t. All I care about is that January 2011 is officially over. Would anyone else care to join me in declaring a New Year’s today? Because if my Facebook news feed is any kind of statistically valid sampling of the English-speaking world, and of course it’s not, this past month has been a horrorshow for everyone.

For me, January began with a bout of stomach sickness and news of the unexpected death of my advisor, and ended with my cousin and his wife managing to escape Cairo sometime last night. I won’t write much about what happened in between, either because it primarily concerns other people and is therefore their business, or because it’s private business of my own. Please don’t worry: Mr. Improbable and Milo and I are all quite well, I hasten to assure you, both as individuals and as a pack. But, my Lord, what a month.

Despite the storm, the days are already beginning to get a little longer.

Welcome to February.

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