I don’t care that we’re getting another storm today. Really, I don’t. All I care about is that January 2011 is officially over. Would anyone else care to join me in declaring a New Year’s today? Because if my Facebook news feed is any kind of statistically valid sampling of the English-speaking world, and of course it’s not, this past month has been a horrorshow for everyone.

For me, January began with a bout of stomach sickness and news of the unexpected death of my advisor, and ended with my cousin and his wife managing to escape Cairo sometime last night. I won’t write much about what happened in between, either because it primarily concerns other people and is therefore their business, or because it’s private business of my own. Please don’t worry: Mr. Improbable and Milo and I are all quite well, I hasten to assure you, both as individuals and as a pack. But, my Lord, what a month.

Despite the storm, the days are already beginning to get a little longer.

Welcome to February.

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7 Responses to February

  1. Allyson says:

    We could all celebrate Chinese New Year, which is February 3.

    It’s the Year of the Rabbit, and as it happens I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so I’m taking that as a small sign that 2011 might just be a good year for me.

  2. akmom says:

    January has been OK for me, but I’m always up for a celebration – Happy February!

    “I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things….” – The Kinks

  3. Abby says:

    I’m totally with you. I woke up this morning and said, we survived January. I have been sick with bronchitis and then a bad cold after that on top of another medical issue and a work deadline and I am just ready to try out another month in 2011. The first one was a definite struggle. :)

  4. EA Week says:

    I type this as I sit watching the snow come down outside the office window. Mostly I’m just glad that when I leave here, I can get where I’m going on foot.

    At this point, I just have to laugh. This January has been ridiculous. Knock on wood, I haven’t been sick, but all the bad weather has been incredibly wearying, both mentally and physically. I was looking forward to starting a new month, until I saw the forecast for today and tomorrow.

    Right now, I’m taking refuge in humor. Boston.com’s “Shaq-O-Meter” (he’ll be buried by March at this rate) and the snow limerick contest are definitey helping!

  5. Rubiatonta says:

    I have snow-storm fatigue, too. Also, not-being-able-to-wear-cute-shoes fatigue. Zouzou kitty and I are considering mailing ourselves to Florida.

    Roll on February!

  6. anonymous today says:

    I resigned my position at the end of January, out of fear I was going to get axed…once my boss’s office was boxed up, I figured mine was next.

    I have 2.5 weeks left of work, then I’ll be unemployed and scared to death. 2011 was supposed to be an improvement on 2010 and 2009…not a new chapter in the horror show that is my post master’s life.

  7. I’m a couple of days late, but so totally with you. As a whole, January 2011 didn’t belong in any position, in any year. Mine at least ended on a bright note, with the 31st bringing fun news and contacts regarding family and community history in Battle Creek, MI.

    I’m sorry January brought so many horrors and miseries your way, and relieved to hear your cousin and his wife are safely out of Cairo.

    Even the very good idea of starting with the Chinese New Year didn’t work for me as February 3rd marked the day that I became snowed in even after Plow Guy did his best with the big truck. I’m here until he shows up with his backhoe and removes at least a portion of Plow Mountain. Then again, after January, being trapped in my home feels positively trivial.

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