Casual day

This style-blogging thing is something I’m trying partly because I do indeed love style and style blogs, but also because taking pictures of my outfits will, I hope, help me feel more professional and put a little more order into my days. Being a freelancer can be weird that way. Tuesday was a casual day — working at home, then some errands and coffee with a friend:

I’m not really snooty, I just haven’t wholly mastered the knack of self-photography yet!

Amethyst earrings: gift
Pearl necklace: gift
Grey cowlneck T: Gap Body
Purple T: Gap Body
Sparkly leopard belt: gift
Jeans: Marc Jacobs (thrifted)
Boots: Michael Antonio

Here’s the boots I’m wearing, which I got on wicked sale at Amazon:

The 80s called, they want their shoes back! I never thought I’d wear another pair of “fairy boots” in my life. (This is what we called flat ankle boots when I was in high school.)

In this outfit I’m using one of the oldest tricks in the book for looking pulled-together by highlighting the same colors above and below. Purple top calls out to purple boots; white pearl necklace calls out to white sparkly belt. I tried a mostly-purple abalone choker first, and while it looked great with the tops, it left that poor belt bobbing along lonely in a sea of denim and purple.

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3 Responses to Casual day

  1. Anita says:

    Love this. I could never pull those boots off.

  2. Jerry says:

    A tripod might help in avoiding those “looking down my nose at you” pics. I’m definitely getting a New Yorker monocle vibe off this one. :)

  3. EA Week says:

    The eighties child in me is crying with jealousy over those boots.

    I envy your ability to pull together such visually interesting outfits with just a few simple elements.

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