Friday’s a wrap

Boston had an unexpected break of springlike weather yesterday, which lightened spirits region-wide and also gave at least a handful of people I know, myself included, debilitating allergy/sinus attacks. Oh, joy. (I’m better but still coffee-powered today.) I don’t DO style when I’m sinusy. More outfit pix next week!

My webmistress also migrated and propagated and rehosted and all kinds of things to the site yesterday, none of which I fully understand, but I trust her. As you can see, we’re trying to adjust the main page a bit to make it look a little less like a kitschy diner. May I ask, if any of you know of blogs that you think are particularly well-designed, leave a link in comments? I’m not an expert at this by any means.

And during Wednesday’s chat, I promised Tempest that I would dig around to see what guidelines were out there for job hunting while employed. Most of what I found was utter common sense (don’t use your work e-mail!) or that kind of advice that tells you what to do without saying how (don’t let your boss find out!) or that assumes ideal circumstances that won’t exist for a lot of people (take a personal day for interviews — do these HR advice-givers know that American workers get less paid time off than workers of nearly any other industrialized nation?). I hate that kind of advice, don’t you?

Anyway, here’s one article that talks about how to keep your boss from finding out. And here’s a nine-minute, somewhat rambling, but ultimately very good video that talks about how to frame and think through the strategy and self-presentation of job-hunting while employed.

Good luck, Tempest!

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