Restaurant Week etiquette

It’s Restaurant Week here in Boston, and I’m going to be doing a segment on the etiquette thereof on NECN tomorrow morning at 8:45 EST. Servers, bartenders, gentlefolk-about-town, restaurant owners — have you any advice, horror stories, heartwarming anecdotes, or tips to share?

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  1. Cassie says:

    Oh dear Robin. I went to Restaurant Week Aug 2010 and had a terrible experience. Ressie was honored on time, but it took: 10 minutes to be greeted by waitstaff, plus another 20 minutes to have drinks delivered, and then another 40 minutes to have course 1 delivered (the math = 1 hr 10 minutes from arriving to starting first course). We didn’t order a second drink because the waitstaff didn’t check on us. The time spent in the restaurant 7:30–10:05 PM, far to much time based on a three course meal. The restaurant seemed to be short staffed, but I would guess that because the meals were reduced and thus the tips, many servers didn’t want to work that week. I’ll be watching for you tomorrow. I watch NECN every morning. I miss Karen and Mike.

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