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… is online here. I wonder what really happened between that couple that night, don’t you? Also, my editor really liked the line about the LW “preferr[ing] not to be left at the table drinking alone, because it made you feel like something out of a Patsy Cline song.”

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  1. Shulamuth says:

    I like it too! Although from the above I assumed the situation was in a restaurant. I can not imagine doing so in my own home where I’m free to follow, or do something else.

    Robin, you do such a good job of answering people who ask the questions that tempt me to roll my eyes and say “oh just grow up!”

    And Love Doesn’t Make People Telepathic” is one of my Great Rules for Good Relationship. (The others are Love Doesn’t Solve Your Problems and Relationships Take Work, or as I sometimes say Relationships Are Like Gardens, because to have a really nice garden you have to learn to ENJOY the work.)

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