Workplace etiquette on “The Emily Rooney Show”

Here’s my segment on workplace etiquette from today’s “Emily Rooney Show.” (It’s radio, so no picture. Do not adjust your screen.) This was a fun one — Emily really got into the “biology in the workplace” topic, as I knew she would.

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  1. Romie says:

    I felt as though almost (but not quite) everything raised by the interviewer and callers fell into the pet peeve category. It’s easy to say something like “no perfume,” but does that also mean no scented deodorant? No scented shampoo? No hand lotion? No clothes that have been dry cleaned? It’s a hard line to enforce, and clearly there are wildly different levels of both perfume use and sensitivity to perfume.

    Similarly, “no food at inappropriate times of day” seems difficult to manage, particularly in offices where not everyone works 9-5. The morning crew and the night crew may be eating breakfast six hours apart or more. I work from 3:30pm to 2:00am, myself.

    I was really impressed by your response – the way you showed empathy for people who are clearly really put out by these things, but didn’t pile on and say “yes how horrible, outlaw it.” It showed very good manners.

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