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What is your favorite season to dress for? Not which one do you like best, or feel it’s easiest to dress for, necessarily, but the one you resonate with most aesthetically? I ask because, as usual, it’s a challenge to put together a springy outfit. I’m not a springtime person: I like deep colors, serious fabrics, witty detailing. My fashion aesthetic is more “Back to School” than “April in Paris.”

But one must soldier on. Here’s palettes from two outfits I wore earlier this week. The first is a knit tunic/dress that I wore with black leggings and red sandals, in addition to the accessories below:

I paired this corduroy skirt, striped long-sleeved T, and denim jacket with a black patent-leather belt and black & white oxfords. I love my zipper necklace!

What’s your favorite season, style-wise? Which one do you feel you don’t ever quite get in the spirit of?

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4 Responses to Spring style

  1. Lisa says:

    In California, we have these seasons, Rainy, Getting Warmish, Summer, Getting Coolish. So the big questions are when do we have to put an actual coat on, and when can we wear shorts. The rest is layers. In short, I don’t have a good answer but I liked the question anyway:).

  2. veronica says:

    I probably “like” winter the best because I have a lot of winter clothes and the what to wear question is made so much easier because I have clothing for every type of setting.

    I wish I had that luxury for spring…because I am much more of a spring/summer person. I like the casual feel of capris and dressy t-shirts. Work always seems less stressful in the spring/summer and I think it’s because we all dial it back a notch as far as clothing is concerned.

  3. EA Week says:

    I like summer best. That’s when I was born. I like warm weather. I like the ease of being able to just throw on something lightweight and a cute pair of sports shoes. I can be out the door in three minutes in summer. Going anywhere in winter feels like preparing to go to the moon. My college roommate was from California, and she used to joke about putting on her space suit whenever she had to venture outdoors.

    I like the deep colors and luxurious fabrics of winter, but then there’s the hassle of coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, and Yak Trax, and if you commute via public transit, as I do, it seems as though all outerwear is covered in a layer of grime by January that just will not wash off. By March or April, I’m ready to burn every warm coat I own.

    I love the clear, bright colors of summer, the lightweight fabrics, the opportunity to expose my pallid New England skin to the sun. I’m fortunate enough to work in a pretty casual workplace, so cotton skirts/ capris and a polo shirt or t-shirt are completely okay.

  4. Molly says:

    Favorite: Summer: Flowy skirts and dresses, flip flops and Tevas without holes in the soles (yet).

    Least favorite: Winter: I need you to redo my winter wardrobe. When the season approacheth again, of course. I either need to figure out how to layer for skirts/find heavier skirts or I need cuter pants, and I need it all to be Very Warm.

    Robin’s Style Challenge: Winter Busker Edition?

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