NECN interview on graduation gifts

Thanks for your advice, folks! Here’s my interview from NECN this morning, talking about gifts for graduates and teachers:

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2 Responses to NECN interview on graduation gifts

  1. Cassie says:

    I saw the segment this morning. You looked great! Too bad Steve cut you off — but then, he cuts everyone off. They need to plan the timing of the end of show segment better, I think.

    I always give cash to the great nieces and nephews (ages 16–26) for the milestone events, but Visa gift cards for Christmas. The girls get a little bag or such (like the one in your segment), the boys get the cards in a gift card holder. I chose Visa cards as they can use them anywhere — for gas, a meal, coffee at Starbucks, on-line, etc.

  2. sponica says:

    Thanks for mentioning the part about doing research BEFORE giving a gift card.

    My aunt’s godson is a student at my undergraduate alma mater. Before she sent him his first care package, she asked me what stores/restaurants were nearby because she wanted the gift to be useful. I told her most of the establishments students went to were privately owned and that most freshmen liked getting baked goods, microwave popcorn, and poptarts in their care packages.

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