Wedding etiquette, and my favorite dress

Here’s a link to a segment I did on NECN on Friday, about wedding gifts. It was a fun and lighthearted bit, and I’m wearing my absolutely favorite favorite-est summer dress.

I was originally supposed to be on the week before, but I got bumped due to the Whitey Bulger capture! Made me feel like a true-blue Bostonian, I tell you what. I posted on Facebook that my interview got cancelled that day … to which a friend of mine responded, “But what would Whitey Bulger know about wedding gifts? He just had a long-term girlfriend.”

UPDATE: Link fixed. Also, if anyone compliments me on this dress, I won’t be able to respond properly — i.e., with a polite “Thank you” — because I, too, think it is so awesome. And it’s not like I designed it, or for that matter even paid retail for it. So whenever someone compliments me on the dress, I tend to say, “I know! Isn’t it awesome?” Because I don’t feel like I’m being praised for an achievement, because I’m not. I’m being congratulated on a happy accident (wandering into TJ Maxx on the right day). Do you know what I mean? Do any of you feel that way about certain kinds of compliments?

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3 Responses to Wedding etiquette, and my favorite dress

  1. Carolyn says:

    Very pretty dress!! You looked great, and summery.

  2. sponica says:

    not really a compliment but I never know how to respond when people ask how an interview went….if I knew, I wouldn’t be going crazy waiting to hear how it went.

    and yes, I never know how to respond to clothing compliments

  3. EA Week says:

    I usually respond to clothing compliments with something lighthearted about where I found it. “It was the only one left on the 85% off rack, and it was in my size! How often does that happen?” Or, “Yeah, these are great shoes–trust LL Bean to make something so comfortable.”

    ROTFL about getting bumped because of Whitey Bulger!

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