Wedding etiquette, and my favorite dress

Here’s a link to a segment I did on NECN on Friday, about wedding gifts. It was a fun and lighthearted bit, and I’m wearing my absolutely favorite favorite-est summer dress.

I was originally supposed to be on the week before, but I got bumped due to the Whitey Bulger capture! Made me feel like a true-blue Bostonian, I tell you what. I posted on Facebook that my interview got cancelled that day … to which a friend of mine responded, “But what would Whitey Bulger know about wedding gifts? He just had a long-term girlfriend.”

UPDATE: Link fixed. Also, if anyone compliments me on this dress, I won’t be able to respond properly — i.e., with a polite “Thank you” — because I, too, think it is so awesome. And it’s not like I designed it, or for that matter even paid retail for it. So whenever someone compliments me on the dress, I tend to say, “I know! Isn’t it awesome?” Because I don’t feel like I’m being praised for an achievement, because I’m not. I’m being congratulated on a happy accident (wandering into TJ Maxx on the right day). Do you know what I mean? Do any of you feel that way about certain kinds of compliments?

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