Palette: Sinus, fiction

I haven’t done a palette for few days because my allergies have been kicking in but good, so I’ve been working from home, wearing whatever is cozy and comfy. I’ve been about as aesthetically inspiring as this:

I’ve been trying to dress a bit better on days when I work from home, which is a topic for another post. When allergies and sinus kick in, though, it’s all about comfort, and not being any more irritated than I already am.

Both Mr. Improbable and I have been having bad sinus headaches the past week or so, as have several of our friends. Any other Bostonian readers suffering along with us?

I’ve thought for a long time that the key to understanding the work of Sylvia Plath is to know that she had almost constant sinus infections. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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3 Responses to Palette: Sinus, fiction

  1. geekgirl99 says:

    I also am suffering from the allergies! And I am generally not an allergy-sufferer, so it must be really bad out there.

  2. EA Week says:

    Oh, my, yes. Monday was so bad I thought I must have a sinus infection (I get viral sinus infections right around this time of year, every year). I’m on two different kinds of allergy meds, plus Mucinex, plus Tylenol, plus regular use of a neti pot (sorry if that’s TMI), and all together, they just make life bearable. If it’s really, really bad, I have to sleep propped up on a foam wedge to keep my sinuses open.

    When I first started having sinus problems in my twenties, I had no idea what it was. One of the more charming symptoms was vertigo, which caused crushing pain in my head and complete disorientation/ loss of balance. I went to my doctor, convinced I had brain cancer, and was relieved and surprised to find out it was allergy-related sinus problems.

    Monday was so bad for my boss that she had to stay home.

    You’re not alone!

  3. JB says:

    A suggestion for sinus sufferers (like that alliteration?): a homeopathic product called Sinupret. No, I don’t work for the company. I don’t even know exactly what is in it – the German pharmacist who gave it to me initially described it as “plant extract,” which very nearly made me give it right back to her and ask for some “real” medicine. But whatever it is, it works. I use it religiously for colds, allergies, and other upper respiratory problems. I buy it from Amazon, but I’m sure it’s available other places too. Feel better!

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