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Hometown girl makes good

In advance of my Kansas City reading tonight, I got some good publicity–a bit on the Fox WDAF morning show here, and a radio interview on the legendary Walt Bodine Show on KCUR, the local NPR affiliate. I used to be a theater publicist in KC, so it was great fun to go on the shows that I used to book people on myself!

WFXT appearance

My appearance on WFXT this morning is online here if you missed it.


(Don’t click the picture above, that’s just for visual interest. And to show you all how very very much I can look like a Vulcan in the right angle. Lucky for me that look is in this summer.)

UPDATE: Thanks to my awesome webmistress, you now can click directly on the picture.

Miss Conduct’s “Pet Etiquette” video

… featuring, of course, the incomparable MILO! This is the second of two promotional videos that Mr. Improbable and I put together for the book. Yes, it’s got that “not ready for prime-time” feel, but aren’t Milo and I cute?


Miss Conduct “Financial Etiquette” video

The life of an author in the 21st century. My publisher had me do a homemade promotional video that she could shop around to television shows. I did two–one on financial etiquette, one on pet etiquette (co-starring Milo, of course!) Here’s the first. It’s very homemade, but it was good enough to get me on the “Today Show,” so hey!