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Friday Twitter feed

Remember when Mrs. O wouldn’t hug Berlusconi? http://bit.ly/mbkm3f. (Same dress in both pix–was every sleaze in the EU macking on her?!)

Why I love the POTUS & FLOTUS. RT ebertchicago Alert Obama blocks DSK fondle. http://bit.ly/lT3sln

In case you haven’t seen this:http://literallyunbelievable.tumblr.com/. People who believe Onion stories are real. Laugh till you cry.

RT MrsAvoirdupois The proper response to “Pity you’re fat, you’ve such a pretty face” is “Pity about your backhanded compliment, I’d thought you above that.”

RT RichardWiseman Are you the curious type? Find out with this quick test http://tinyurl.com/4x8qbfm

Scientists now know: Commutes really suck.http://slate.me/kzXFjm

RT MrsAvoirdupois The proper response to “Are you sure you should be eating that?” is “Yes. Would you like one too?” Generosity is always good manners.

RT GetItDoneGuy It was a tortured metaphor; a verbal solar flare ripped from the corona of life’s magnetic ionisphere by a passing comet of rhetorical b …

RT AmandaMarcotte http://bit.ly/lcpy9q Virginia legislators trying to pass legislation to keep women from having already-miscarried pregnancies removed.

RT ant5s @robinabrahams quoted in @Real_Simple (yes, I am reading April after I read May) http://lockerz.com/s/104817725

@Margoandhow 4″ heels called “do-me shoes” b/c after wearing them 5 min you’d do anything to be on your back with your feet in the air.

@MrTeller But surely everyone who follows you knows you do not drink, and hardly need to practice at cards.

My latest addiction is “men’s rights” blogs. Timewasters, but you can’t beat ’em for the lulz. Guided tour here:http://manboobz.com/

@edyong209 I should think what’s going on in their brains is “HOLY SHIT, I can echolocate like a bat!”

@KateHarding Kansas City and Springfield, MO. Believe me if I had a trip to Chi planned you’d hear the screams of joy from here.

Planning to visit the Midwest next week. Hope it’s still there.

@lediva Or if you wanted to be offensive about it, “One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Jew Fish.”

RT lediva @robinabrahams One Baby Jesus, Two thieves on Golgotha, Three members of the Holy Trinity…

There’s a shelf of kids’ books at the coffee shop where I’m writing. One is titled “One Baby Jesus.” Surely not a counting book?

I want my stripper name to be “Lauren Ipsum.” #randomthoughtswhileformattingpowerpoint.

Tips on giving effective compliments: http://bo.st/izXRw7

RT EmilyRooneyShow NOW: @robinabrahams with the top 5 mistakes people make when changing jobs? and how to avoid them http://bit.ly/9IPqpS

A stunning color combo by Mrs. O, one I’d never think to try: purple & royal blue. http://bit.ly/lYI8hF

RT JohnFugelsang How exactly does Al Queda recruit for terrorists? “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Ummm….Dead?” “Good answer!”

Summer fashion: four items that will get people to leave you alone. (Fellow Bostonians, take note!) http://bit.ly/jCNZsE

@ant5s See, last night, I thought you said you studied laundry rooms, not studied IN them.

RT ant5s Quietest place on campus to study, and generally smell nice.

@MarcAbrahams It’s “homing in,” not “honing in,” honey.

RT AboudElZomor Do not fear opposing viewpoints. Instead, welcome them. Meet up. Have an honest debate. Slip poison in their tea. Viewpoint eliminated.

@ant5s What did you learn about laundry rooms?

RT ant5s Used to study in them in college

RT AmidPrivilege @robinabrahams Laundry rooms are sort of like hidden religious spaces, aren’t they.

@AmidPrivilege Point being, I find odd ethnic folkways amusing. Tho will now be tempted to sneak into hosts’ laundry rooms at parties.

@AmidPrivilege I didn’t take it as elitist at all! Once read hilarious argument on Af-Am blog abt if washcloths R a “black thing.”

RT BostonBookGirl According to an interview in the NYT Mag: Werewolves are the Red Sox of monsters & vampires are the Yankees. So true! Yankees do suck!

RT AmidPrivilege Last night my sister told me, “WASPs don’t use fabric softener.”

It works! @sweetmachineSP Downloaded a sleep tracking app to monitor insomnia & then slept 9 hrs + nap.

@rosefox Odd synchronicity; yesterday @AmandaMarcotte posted a link to my *other* favorite Talking Heads song.

RT rosefox “Heaven” by the Talking Heads. #myraptureplaylist “Everyone is trying to get to the bar…” http://youtu.be/5zNdMc6wGtU

@thesugarmonster @jaclynf A person could do worse than to die while watching the “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” scene.

John Lithgow performs Gingrich press release on Colbert. Get coffee, danish, watch. Perfect 7-minute break: http://bit.ly/jq6aVn

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Friday Twitter feed

It’s kind of a short one. Do click on the link from Amanda Marcotte–it’s a video of Talking Heads’ “Big Country,” one of my favorite songs.

RT AmandaMarcotte http://youtu.be/dErdvJrv8JE BTW, David Byrne is a much better snotty liberal elitist than you. “I wouldn’t live there if you paid me!”

@rosefox That was rude. When a person has accomplished something, or has a bit of good luck, you congratulate and celebrate her. Period. [Note: I wasn’t scolding rosefox, I was agreeing with her that she’d been treated rudely by some folks–RA]

RT annfriedman “Don’t you think Gabby Giffords and her husband are the most modern couple? He’s in space, she’s having her skull reconstructed.” -my boss

@MarcAbrahams has a nice article about end-of-the-world prophecies, and a wonderful novel written about same:http://bit.ly/mFvpMJ

Am I the only person who read “Roots” as a kid and still laughs every time I see a film-developing place called “Quik Foto”?

@fatemehf Fatemeh, if you DID run a mom blog, it would be like NO OTHER MOM BLOG in dar-al-blogland.

Brilliant post on social class and “passing” and being Southern by @TheRotund: http://www.therotund.com/?p=1163

On the upside, good advice from Emily Yoffe. Said to report it & stop feeling guilty for having been polite in the first place.

Oh, Lord. Woman doesn’t want to report harassment by gym employee b/c he might lose his job. He SHOULD, lady.http://slate.me/lraatC

@lediva We did it once. No one is really sure how it worked, and I guess it made us feel weird, because we’ve never done it since.

Ben Stein is an embarrassment to the Jews. Explain again why we excommunicated Spinoza but can’t kick this schmuck out of the tribe?

RT researchdigest Best journal article title I’ve seen today: Social Interactions of Juvenile Brown Boobies at Sea as Observed with Animal-Borne Video Cameras

Don’t ask a pregnant woman “Were you trying?” http://bit.ly/iPdFvP #etiquette #advice

A friend points out that “‘The Cat in the Hat’ is structured like a horror film.”

@AmidPrivilege Just remember that “who’s” is short for “who is.” You wouldn’t say “Jane Austen, who is small ouvre stands the test of time”

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Twitter feed

It’s the day late & dollar short edition!

RT @MikeTyson We’re making mistakes in front of the world and we can’t stop because we’re addicted to our personality.

RT BorowitzReport Bush’s “war on terror” is the only time the US declared war on a human emotion. What’s next, shyness?

RT Margoandhow No OBL pix bec “Obama was just trying 2 prevent someone from Photoshopping Princess Beatrice’s stupid hat onto Bin Laden’s head.” Ba da bing

RT campsucks is anything better than cancelled plans?

Read this book a billion times in hi school MT ebertchicago Bel (“Up the Down Staircase”) Kaufman at 100:http://nyti.ms/jZQPSp

RT akstanwyck #cannes sustained standing ovation at We Need to Talk About Kevin, as seller john sloss was grinning. Will swinton get best actress palme?

@jhlinko Perhaps not, but I want to hear Harry Morgan saying those spells.”Accio! Cruciatus! Expelliarmus! Wingardium Leviosa! Radar!”

RT jhlinko Harry Potter movies wouldn’t work as well if the lead character were instead Sherman T. Potter.

Now it’s a grammar AND etiquette guide! RT @rosefox This improved book title is 100% on the money. http://is.gd/ker7TL

Getting a “like” on FB : Being Retweeted on Twitter :: having someone give you a light : having someone give you a cigarette.

RT rainnwilson Dwight and Bin Laden have a lot in common- they both thought that a tractor with sword blades would make an excellent killing machine. #FACT

RT JohnFugelsang Newt Gingrich, please show me on the doll where the Patriotism made you commit Adultery.

Excitement! Tilda Swinton starring in film of “We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver. http://bit.ly/mGPEhF

I don’t judge you for wearing Naots. Some of them are even nice looking, I’m sure. Just not the ones I got. I wear Danskos, I’m not proud.

I returned these today: http://bit.ly/mN89qV. Wherever I stand, I stand with Israel, but not in those shoes.

If it isn’t anti-Semitic to criticize Israeli gov’t, it’s OK to acknowledge that Naot makes some fugly footwear.

RT womenactmedia Boston: Want to change the world with your writing? Register for The Op-Ed Project training by Monday to save $130:http://bit.ly/eCjvVf

No “Bell Jar,” but friend passes on rumor “they did find a box of [OBL]’s mix tapes. Mostly Indigo Girls and Fiona Apple, apparently.”

Interesting discussion about YA literature–look for hashtag #yalitchat. @BostonBookGirl

So we’ve gotten #Osama bin Laden’s hand-written journal. Did we find his dogeared paperback copy of “The Bell Jar,” too?

@b_mcnett @KateHarding That writer is like every sexist stereotype of the no-means-yes headgame-playing girl. DUDES. IGNORE HER.

Explaining to a Letter Writer that women *will* date unemployed men, but not men who think they’re unemployed b/c women took their jobs.

RT CopyCurmudgeon @robinabrahams We should get stack of cards to hand out in such situations. They would read “Your hangups =/= other people’s wrongdoing.”

Note to Cute Smiley Guy in Cafe: don’t date this woman. Really, we’re not all crazy. http://bit.ly/mABPCB

#amwearing Grey ruffled knit minidress, cobalt tights, silver cut-out oxfords, mustard leather tote bag, black pashmina.

Embarrassing but true: Until a few days ago, I thought those “Judgment Day 5.21.11” billboards were for a movie.

I’ll be doing a talkback following “Table Manners” at Arlington Friends of Drama Sunday, 5/15, 4pm show:http://www.afdtheatre.org/

RT nprmonkeysee The idea that we should adopt the word “homance” for movies about women friends makes me almost physically ill. http://slate.me/lNVuuh

Character of Darryl Philbin is getting too smart for “The Office.” Should get promoted to cop or lab tech or social worker in cable drama.

RT Margoandhow If I were Nene Leakes I would have my agent get in touch with the Depends people and ask to be their spokesperson.

@jaclynf Of course! And if you SAY that something isn’t an insult, then it isn’t. Regardless of how it sounds.

RT jaclynf @robinabrahams I’m pretty sure the rule is if you say “no offense!” than you are definitely not being offensive. No?

@jaclynf Right, because erasing historical evidence of your existence is NOT MEANT to be an insult!

Love Ebert. Have thought this so many times. RT @ebertchicago You know, that song “My Way” has made a lot of assholes feel virtuous.

A question I’ve pondered often: What is individual taste, and how does it develop?http://www.alreadypretty.com/2011/05/what-is-taste.html

On discovering adult child’s riding crop, should biggest concern be sex or money? (equestrianism=$$$)http://www.slate.com/id/2293566/

#amwearing Short denim cocktail dress w/jet fringe along neckline; black patent slingbacks; rhinestone hoop earrrings.

What 2 wear 4 Improbable After Dark? http://bit.ly/jFmxfU Flapper dress? LBD? Black velvet trousers & silk kimono? Destructed prom gown?

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Friday Twitter feed

This week’s Twitfeed is a little slice of history.

Note to @amandapalmer: My husband is way more pencil-necked than your husband. So there. @MarcAbrahams@neilhimself

RT samuelpepys I have not seen Mrs. Washington these 8 or 9 years and she begins to grow old visibly. So time do alter and do doubtless the like in myself.

RT MarcAbrahams ‘Improbable Research After Dark’ Saturday night @ Central Sq Thtr ? salacious studies! Come! http://bit.ly/jFmxfU #Cambridge #Science #Fest

Waltham, capital of steampunk: http://bo.st/jVhL71

RT j_zimms QOTD: “I think avocado is like a big, wet pistachio.”

@hhavrilesky summarizes self-help for women: “1.) Stop being yourself, at all costs. And 2.) You go, girl!” http://bit.ly/jsrSNn

@Margoandhow When I get shortchanged in a drug deal, I just post a bad review on Yelp.

RT ClaraJeffery Today is Nellie Bly’s birthday. Exposed horrors, beat Phileas Fogg’s record, first woman war correspondent. Pay some respect. @ladyjournos

@jhlinko Friend of mine married a man w/this line in his personals ad: “I shot a man in Reno just to finish a roll of film.”

“Well your client wouldn’t BE a single parent if he hadn’t killed his wife.” #L&OSVUQoTD

Some like coffee “strong, black, & hot, like Barack Obama.” I prefer it white, sweet, & semi-tasteless, like Joe Biden.

Thanks for all the nature & nurture! #understatedmothersdaycards

You’re Some Mother! #understatedmothersdaycards

RT TheRealNimoy My folks came to US as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien. LLAP

You’re The Best Mom I Have. #understatedmothersdaycards

RT farhanmasood They buried #OBL out to sea right after Japan released radioactive water into the ocean. This has the makings of an awesome monster movie

RT RichardWiseman Surprised media reports of reactions from Bin Laden’s neighbours aren’t using the headline ‘Guerillas in our midst’.

@kskaare What I found frightening was everything she wrote about performance and self-consciousness. I feel that way most of the time.

#OBL lowers bar for marital behavior. Expect to hear “Look, honey, at least I never used you as a human shield!” in your next argument.

I find this writer’s idea of a “mirror fast” both intriguing and a little scary to think about doing: http://bit.ly/mH0Dij

Good timing on #OBL. Now those of us who don’t get excited about Royal Weddings can have something to celebrate.

RT melsil On this Holocaust remembrance day I am sad but not surprised to learn Lara Logan said the mob raping her thought she was a Jewish spy

RT @charliepantzz: Obama: “Imma let you finish the Apprentice in a minute Mr. Trump, but I just had the best firing of all time”

RT AnnaHolmes !!! RT @alaw202: Animated GIF of Obama’s announcement about Bin Laden http://j.mp/lOPwys

RT SlaughterAM Ten years after 9/11, may young protesters facing bullets for democracy replace UBL as the symbol of Islam & the Arab world for Americans.

RT pattonoswalt “My fellow Americans, I am proud to — hold on. What? (…long pause) Really? (*sigh*) Cat Stevens leaves behind a legacy of song…”

RT mat_johnson Delay being caused by securing the rights to Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day.” #POTUS

“Just because I have high cholesterol doesn’t mean I raped somebody!” L&O SVU has the best bad dialog EVER.

#BloodRoseRising episode #2 premiered tonight. Amazing show. http://bloodroserising.wordpress.com/ Funny, sexy, spooky.

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Friday Twitter feed

RT FakeAPStylebook Note that your “didn’t we fight a war to get away from this bullshit” Royal Wedding editorial may not go over well.

@AmidPrivilege The importance of the Oxford comma: “I’d like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and God.”

RT AmidPrivilege RT @Fritinancy: Why commas matter: Because “Put me in coach” is not the same as “Put me in, coach.”

RT owillis remember guys, no racism here, we just need the black, black, black, black, black president to show us his papers.

What do you think, stylistas–could I get away with this Crime Scene scarf or not? http://bit.ly/5sBPsw

RT colsonwhitehead “Oh, ‘Locusts.’ That makes more sense than if he wrote ‘Day of the LOLcats.’ But perhaps that would be cool story, too.”

Honey is bee drool. http://tomhaverfoods.com/

RT TheOnion In Focus: Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama’s Placenta http://onion.com/aIsqbH

RT researchdigest Person just saw me holding my book (Rough Guide to Psych) – ‘are you reading that for your studies?’ they asked. ‘No, I wrote it.’ #smug

@researchdigest That is a moment every author dreams of.

RT jaclynf Look what I just found! You can pre-order my new book, What You Really Really Want, as of NOW. You know you wanna…http://amzn.to/lsCbdT

RT RichardWiseman If I get another 100 followers in the next hour I will arrange for the royal wedding to be cancelled. Please RT.

Signposts for awkward moments: http://bit.ly/enBmRU

RT MarcAbrahams alien missing-a-hyphen? RT @alokjha: …Guardian: Alien finding institute Seti runs out of cash to operate telescope http://bit.ly/gEErjV

When did “Is that a thing?” become a thing?

RT JohnFugelsang I like that the same people who think Obama is a Muslim also thought Cheney was a Christian.

RT BorowitzReport Waiters say “Are you still working on that?” because Americans treat eating like a career.

@Margoandhow Isn’t that a wonderful book? So modern. And I love how no one is sure if Melmotte is Jewish or Irish–or which is worse!

Rereading WD Howell’s RISE OF SILAS LAPHAM. A perfect midpoint between Jane Austen & Sinclair Lewis.

Ben Franklin had a sister. How many more women are we willing to let die in ignorance & poverty, as she did? http://nyti.ms/gRwkgN

RT fatemehf It’s really serious, but you’ve probably never heard of it. RT @JonasPolsky: The leading cause of death among hipsters is hyper-pretension.

Neighbors battle over Easter lawn decor: http://bit.ly/gr7cq5 “He is trying to aggravate me w/the bunny…He put it under my shrubbery.”

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Friday Twitter feed

RT KABOBfest PRESS RELEASE: We will burn an Algebra textbook today at 5 PM to protest Arabo-Islamic influence on western civilization.#creepingsharia

Sometimes freedom looks an awful lot like standing around in the desert wondering what comes next. #happypassover

RT MelisaNutrition Giggle! RT @WannabeChefEvan: In honor of Earth Day, I’m going to recycle all of my jokes today.

RT RichardWiseman Just heard man telling his son not to stand behind dogs incase they kick. #confusedadvice

RT sassycurmudgeon You know you’re getting old when there are no 4/20 jokes in your Twitter feed.

RT Eaten_by_Wolves Just found out that Colson Whitehead is publishing a zombie novel this fall. I don’t know how to feel about it, so I’ll just go with stoked.

RT AllieBrosh New Blog Post: Wild Animal (The Simple Dog Goes for a Joy Ride): My simple-minded dog recently went on an unp… http://bit.ly/ikmYJZ

RT researchdigest Neat Guardian column on embodied cognition by the ever-excellent @oliverburkeman: http://ow.ly/4DB58

When a friend you haven’t seen for 20 years unexpectedly comes to town. #coolmomentsofmiddleage

RT KathaPollitt Great piece by woman who confronts, pursues strangerman who hits her on the street. http://tinyurl.com/42ezhp2

@AmidPrivilege “Parks & Recreation” made me cry this week. It’s so lovely to have a good cry when you aren’t really unhappy.

@AmandaMarcotte Judaism gets it. Talmud says God once removed baser side of human nature. Turned out w/o greed, lust, nothing ever got DONE.

“May she play the Drums to the fiery rhythm of her Own Heart with the sinewy strength of her Own Arms, so she need Not Lie With Drummers.”

Tina Fey’s prayer for her daughter: http://bit.ly/i14Erj “Lead her away from Acting but not all the way to Finance.”

If you aren’t aware of the “Men’s Rights” movement, get a load of this: http://bit.ly/gjwmRd More craziness at http://www.manboobz.com/.

Public service announcement: Remember, only YOU can prevent megalomania.

@j_zimms If you thump hard on your dog’s ribs every time the “Dum-DUM” sound comes on, they learn to respond to “Law&Order.”

RT magiciansbook Great idea @The_AV_Club: HBO developing Neil Gaiman’s American Gods as potential series. http://ow.ly/4By85

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Friday Twitter feed

RT magiciansbook RT @Freudeinstein: Cop says to Schrodinger, “You know you got a cat in the trunk?” Schrodinger says, “I do now.”

RT ebertchicago The Man Who Dared Not Smile. One of the saddest stories I have ever heard. http://bit.ly/fV3RQN

@MikeChorost Being in an airport is like having a mild cold: freedom from all responsibility save keeping yourself comfortable & nourished.

@Margoandhow Dishonest and cowardly, but wonderful for improving the students’ enunciation. Say it 5 times fast.

RT Margoandhow Seattle school renames Easter eggs ‘Spring Spheres’. For Pete’s sake. I’m Jewish and I think “Easter eggs” are fine. Talk about PC run amok.

RT peacebang Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce – The Oatmeal theoatmeal.com/comics/sriracha via @Oatmeal

RT SeeSome @robinabrahams Reduce your high-five fears (Hi-Fobia?) with Wired’s “How-To High Five” guide: http://bit.ly/8n0Q1b

FB friend: “If there was any question our rabbi was gay..he is featured in BBC story b/c of his Princess Di collection”http://bbc.in/dIgtFX

RT EmilyMandel From Buzzfeed, a compilation of passive-aggressive signage at doomed Borders stores. http://bzfd.it/fo8CUX

Unconventional routes to a successful academic career: http://bo.st/gxrVjP. Publish, or make other people perish.

Being French is no excuse. @Stephenwordsmit Isn’t crampon originally a French word?

@KateHarding Sometimes I panic and do a pre-emptive hi-five. “Ha! Now it is your hand-eye coordination to be put to the test.”

Am I the only person who experiences a brief moment of panic when someone hi-fives me, fearing that I will miss?

@fatemehf Once dreamed was foreign corresp. on Mideast assignment, went 2 Tehran GAP 4 clothes, saw window display of mannequins in burkas.

You know a word that must have been coined by a man? “Crampon.” No woman would name an object that. I cross my legs every time I hear it.

So glad this person didn’t write in to me with her “problem”:http://bit.ly/fXJ3f5

Question for women under 25, esp. teens: is dating scene really this awful? http://bit.ly/fbpOMy Depressing, if so. How to change?

“How long should a man’s legs be? Why don’t you ask my little friend?” she snarled, as her sword whicked thru the air–and Magruder’s shins.

RT lediva @robinabrahams I’ll never forget the way she stood over Robert E. Lee’s battered body and said “This one’s for Abe.” before killing him.

@lediva That’s what I’m talking ’bout! #MaryToddNinja

Previous quote was comment at 12:19AM on this thread, about anti-feminist complaints re: women in action movies: http://bit.ly/fToQqR

Civil war legend: “Mary Todd Lincoln once took out an entire Confederate cavalry brigade w/a samurai sword & a handful of throwing stars.”

Just wrote 2 friend: “it’s rotten to be sick when the weather’s nice, you feel like you’re letting down the side”–woke up British, I guess.

Last sentence is great: http://mindhacks.com/2011/04/10/adlers-ashes-rediscovered/

@AmandaMarcotte I saw a kid in Italy in a stroller with his legs crossed, reading a book. All he needed was a clove cigarette.

Comment of the week: “Sadly, there is no polite way to behave as a rude boor.” Half my columns in a nutshell. http://bo.st/hcSeKa

“Confessions of a Formerly Angry Black Man”:http://wapo.st/fpEz3U. As angry white woman, found this brilliant, scary, & true.

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Friday Twitter feed

Notes for the Twilliterate: Twitter feeds go in reverse order, so the most recent posting is on top. “RT” means “Retweet”: the person whose name is bolded originally wrote the tweet, and I passed it on to my followers. “@” in front of a person’s name at the beginning of the post means that the Tweet was written in response to them.

@fatemehf “Sharia Panic Factory” should be your new band.

Excellent dating advice by @AmandaMarcotte: http://bit.ly/elhNBF

RT AllieBrosh Did you guys know that Facebook has a Twitter account? That’s like a car driving around on a motorcycle.

@fatemehf @sepiamutiny When I hear “brown scare” and “baby” together in the same sentence, my first thought isn’t immigration.

Whoops, wrong link to story on cross-political friendships. Here you go: http://bit.ly/iheTQe Thanks, @ScottMadin!

Can friendship cross political lines? http://bo.st/eoosCg (Fav. bit: writer’s Repub friend’s 4 kids: Liberty, Honor, Victory, & Bernard.)

RT samuelpepys This Office is spoiled by having so many persons in it, and so much work that is not of any one man, but of all, and so is never done.

Hearing it on car radio, realized one of funniest lyrics in rock=Duran Duran’s “I smell like I sound.” So that would be … cheesy?

@MarcAbrahams I use the word “flummoxed” all the time! I got it from Peg Bracken, not Nero Wolfe.

RT MikeChorost For some reason I’m chuckling over Anthony Lane’s comment on Yoda’s syntax in his review of Star Wars III: “Break me a fucking give.”

RT kwmurphy I don’t partake in the crude chicanery of April Fools Day. I follow the tradition of my ancestors and lie to everyone all the time.

@fatemehf Potential-boyfriend test: At Kipling Bag store, say “Made for carrying the white man’s burden.” See if he gets it.

New motto (based on boss’s recently articulated criteria for deciding what we should write about): Data, Passion, Relevance.

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Amanda Palmer sings the year’s best Tweets

This is too great: Amanda Palmer singing some of the year’s best tweets.

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Friday Twitter feed

A valiant attempt to explain why we love Jane Eyre: http://bo.st/eoosCg. Not sure that literary passion can ever be truly parsed.

Fun FB status update: “Pretend this is something controversial and argue with me.” Friends’ responses are hilarious.

See last tweet. Apparently Creed is even older than I thought. Bet he & Pepys had a great conversation. #theoffice

RT samuelpepys Carried Creed to White Hall, having had abundance of excellent talk with him in reproach of the times and managements we live under.

@j_zimms The appeal* of fur-lined garments (like crotchless ones), lies in their being intentionally so. *such as it is

RT BorowitzReport “What does Fox News do on April Fool’s Day?” is a question akin to “What do slutty nurses do on Halloween?”

What are your favorite moments of social brilliance or awkwardness in the movies? http://bo.st/eIpcYT

Brief Q&A on ADHD in the New York TImes: http://bit.ly/fna7oc

RT AmandaMarcotte http://tbd.ly/eiCy3F “Hot girls” tensing up, refusing to talk to you, etc. is *surely* a product of their “arrogance”. Surely. It’s not you.

Job seekers often treated rudely, according to Globe: http://bo.st/fvRcEE (I’ve heard many complaints about this.)

EBay, stop emailing me about “eBay fashion.” There’s no such thing. Our relationship is on the down low, yo. People think I pay retail.

@Margoandhow Silence may be golden, Margo, but I’m awfully glad you decided not to give up on Twitter!

RT Margoandhow Silence is not only golden, it can stop someone asking an impolite question dead in their tracks.

RT AmandaMarcotte http://bit.ly/eNXW7d A piece from me at Salon about the abortion war, and why Republicans are turning up the heat.

Several friends expressing nostalgia for “Lost.” Now that reality has stopped making sense, the show doesn’t seem so bad, eh?

@davidwadeWBZ Me-OW, David! Have you seen “The Good Girl”? Aniston can act, directors just very rarely *ask* her to.

RT williamgallo @robinabrahams These ppl obviously didn’t see the skinny hipsters munching on gluten-free, organic communion bread at my last church.

@williamgallo I still don’t approve of adding high-fructose corn syrup to communion wafers to attract a younger congregational demographic.

RT williamgallo Does religion really make you fat? http://j.mp/f8xPC5 #correlationdoesnotimplycausation

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Friday Twitter feed

I would consider myself a “darkly sardonic geek girl.” How about you? http://bit.ly/emZsXJ

@LatoyaPeterson Similar to doppelganger week on FB. As thin white woman w/femme hair I had a new one 2X daily. Not so easy for other folks.

RT alecmichod Just got an email from Joe Biden that begins, “I want to tell you about a family in Minnesota.” #JoeBidenSecretlyWroteFreedom?

FB friend on use of L&O as alibi on L&O: “In NYC nobody is home watching it. They’re all too busy working in it as extras.”

Can anyone recommend good articles/books on adult AD(H)D?

On “Law & Order,” some suspect’s alibi ought to be that they were home watching “Law & Order.” It’s on 24 hours a day.

@tvsoundoff Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, *and* Melissa Leo, directed by Todd Haynes? Sorry, that’s a buzz you can’t kill!

Ooh, can’t wait for “Mildred Pierce” on HBO (or, more accurately, DVD): http://bit.ly/hYA4j9

Surprising # of my female friends have ADD. Now working on sitcom proposal on urban female friends called “Sex & the Oh Look a Butterfly.”

RT AbielleRose If the zombie apocalypse ever happens I’m just going to surround my house with outward facing treadmills… I should be fine.

RT RichardWiseman Sooooo hoping google will airbrush out pic of Houdini and just leave chains by the end of today!

RT GeorgeTakei SNL’s Victoria Jackson thinks Glee is turning boys gay. Frankly, I think Victoria Jackson is more to blame for that.

@Margoandhow I’m so sorry you’re leaving Twitter! I always looked forward to your sophistication and wit.

Great. Leggings on cute outfit ripped. Now I got nothin’.

RT BorowitzReport Dear Ancient Mayans: I thought you said next year.

QOTD, from @peacebang: “The world makes me despair, but I have a really cute outfit on today. We do what we can. Lord, hear our prayer.”

I’m curious about babysitting customs, economics, and etiquette. Help a childless advice columnist out? http://bo.st/eSZhfF

Suspect homophobia isn’t caused by disgust, but by envy that some people can get intimacy needs met w/o dealing w/opposite sex.


RT ebertchicago Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727. Remember, it was only a theory. Teachers should be free to introduce other views in their classrooms.

RT pourmecoffee Locking windows, doors in preparation for tonight’s Super Moon, but I already thirst for the blood of the innocent.

RT MarcAbrahams Scientists are socially inept, and here’s what they should do about it, says an author on the Women in Wetlands blog http://bit.ly/hYB4Hw

Title for a Homeric porn film: Rosy Fingered Dawn.

@fatemehf @vspomegranate PC = plain courtesy!

RT HalfPintIngalls Spring Break is also when SOME girls take part in those shameful Wet Shirtwaist Contests! But I’m not naming names. Right, @Mary_Ingalls?

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Friday Twitter feed

Looking for good novels about scientists or clergy. Recommendations? (already read SOLAR, PRIVATE LIFE, ELMER GANTRY.)

@jaclynf Can’t take Daily Mail srsly since outrage article on Pakistani immigrant arranged marriages b/tcousins. As if the royal fam didn’t!

Dear Prudie gets the doozies, every time: http://slate.me/hcURyH

RT bobpowers I’m no good on conference calls. Before I start to speak I identify myself by shouting my deepest shames.

RT Margoandhow Gilbert Gotfried=the Aflac duck=John Galliano=Dior. (NYT) Who’s next?

Not anymore. RT @RichardWiseman Am I the only one to think ‘comic relief’ sounds like a highly specialised sexual service.

@AmidPrivilege Thank you for writing that. I always assumed I was simply too lower-class and ethnic to appreciate the @BrooksBrothers logo.

Accidentally typed “diverskity.” What you get when you put Popeye in charge of HR development initiatives.

Live every day like it’s Pi Day! Celebrate 22/7!

Eating protein bar with proud slogan “Helps Satisfy Appetite” blazoned on wrapper. Well, yeah. It’s FOOD. Modest claim.

Though if anyone would like to send me a picture of a cat with my head on it please do. Contact info & photo here:http://robinabrahams.com/

… with your head Photoshopped onto them. Please do not let this happen.” As much as is in my power, I will not.

Reader writes that she “had the most disturbing dream that your personal blog became entirely devoted to pictures of cats … ” cont’d

Delightful piece on “austerity chic” in UK: “boring, ugly, and right”: http://nyti.ms/ekDiV1

RT RichardWiseman Just seen this painting for sale. Think I will skip on that one.yfrog.com/h0m7vjoj

Great advice on how to look professional & attractive when Skyping: http://bit.ly/eXilQD

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Friday Twitter feed

Morning! I’m tweeting out early today, because I’ll be at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting for the next two days. I’m presenting a paper entitled “Cave Manners: Evolutionary Themes in a 21st-Century Advice Column.” Aren’t you intrigued? I’ll post about it next week.

RT williamgallo So far the bad guys are CAIR, al-Qaeda, and political correctness. #predictable #kinghearings

@williamgallo is live-tweeting the #Kinghearings. He’s smart and funny. Follow him!

RT williamgallo I expect things to get a little uncomfortable when Zuhdi Jasser takes the stand. He’s like Ann Coulter, only Muslim. #Kinghearings

Casting Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin is a game change indeed. Love her but not sure I can see it.

Fascinating study! RT researchdigest The Hillary Clinton effect – how role models work for some people but not others. http://ht.ly/4bwiq

RT ClaraJeffery You know who’s good at outlasting temper tantrums? Teachers. #wiunion

Twitter: What is it good for? http://bo.st/fIJCEk

Excellent: Hulu+ has Shaka Zulu miniseries. Always meant to watch that.

#BU embarrasses self w/ w/ridiculous anti-feminist interview on Int’l Women’s Day: http://www.bu.edu/today/node/12452

Does this Tuesday make my International Women’s Day look Fat?

RT swineluv probably is a HUGE oversight to put international women’s day on Fat Tuesday

Will be discussing #RestaurantWeek etiquette on NECN tomorrow morn. Any advice from servers, bartenders, restaurant owners?

@Margoandhow We’re divvying up. @MarcAbrahams is flying to London today. He’s international, I’m woman.

RT AmidPrivilege Blogged, this morning, 11 Sneaky Diet Tricks Of The High WASP. http://bit.ly/f9HOIS Now off to see some monuments, and First Lady dresses.

Great, realistic style tips for women who work from home: http://bit.ly/gkyi8Q

RT tomtomorrow PZ Myers on new Brooks book: “like watching a creepy middle-aged man fuss over his Barbie and Ken dolls” http://bit.ly/i7lkHO

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Friday Twitter feed

RT AmandaMarcotte http://nyti.ms/gGWQz5 Excellent piece by @annaholmes Just remember, kids, Lindsay Lohan has never threatened to kill someone.

RT colsonwhitehead RT @JohnFugelsang: My cousin didn’t believe Obama was half-white until I showed her a pic of him drinking a Bud Light.

Heartbreaking letter from sister of a convicted murderer facing the death penalty in Cary Tennis: http://bit.ly/eO4Jne

RT Margoandhow Re Galliano, Assange, Sheen, et al, Colbert suggests a new show:”Who wants to be a millionaire who blames their problems on the Jews?”

In poll 83% responded to question “Oy, family?” with “Oy, family!” 17% responded with “Oy, family? Family, GEVALT!”

Worst advice ever: http://bit.ly/g3nClp. Everyone calls it wrong sometimes but this level of cluelessness is downright actionable.

RT alyankovic Really looking forward to the blooper reel on The King’s Speech DVD – it’s a bunch of takes of Colin Firth getting his lines exactly right.

Busy day! Will also be appearing on Fox 25 (Boston) news at 10:30, talking cell-phone rudeness.

RT Margoandhow Odd: in the Times story re scientifically gifted actresses (Natalie Portman, Hedy Lamarr, & Mayim Bialik) all were Jewish – Lamarr 1/2.

Also on WBZ-TV (Boston) 11pm news tonight, for a segment on “bully bosses.”

Appearing on “Emily Rooney Show” on WGBH radio (89.7) 12:45 EST, talking about psychology of healthy eating.

RT amandapalmer feast yer eyes on the new blog for a cute animal overload. me & @neilhimself at the @bonorong: http://bit.ly/adoraBLOG

RT magiciansbook After listening to audiobook of ‘The Help,’ am applying Patricia Highsmith as a palate cleanser. #cutsthesyrup

@BeerAndPie Thanks, BeerAndPie! Here’s the picture:http://bit.ly/eqdl6Y. @neilhimself and @amandapalmer were livelier than James Franco.

RT BeerAndPie Note to Anne Hathaway: @robinabrahams already did the flapper dress twirlie thing. *She* didn’t look like she was trying too hard.#ignobels

RT dixewills Watch 127 Hours backwards and it’s a heartwarming story about a disabled man who finds an arm in a canyon.

RT j_zimms Yoga teacher told us he just went to “a monster anatomy workshop.” I can’t see how that’s helpful.

UPDATE: MelissaJane pointed out that the Cary Tennis letter was from the brother of a murderer, not the sister. My bad on the gender assumptions! In addition to not reading the LW’s signoff, I hadn’t read Mr. Tennis’s response, either, which I discovered later was amazingly off-base, and roundly castigated as such in the letters.

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Friday Twitter feed

Happy week’s end, everyone. Here’s what I’ve been Tweeting about. FYI, a Twitter feed is chronological from the bottom up, like an e-mail correspondence.

@AmidPrivilege “I can’t wear beige because I *am* beige.” — Jean Kerr

@colsonwhitehead @AmyMacKinnon You can tell that’s McCarthy’s philosophy when you read him, too.

RT colsonwhitehead RT @AmyMacKinnon: Cormac McCarthy on writing: Anything that doesn’t take years of your life & drive you to suicide hardly seems worth doing.

RT BorowitzReport New Obama Slogan: Change You Can Monitor Closely From a Safe Distance

RT mindykaling Jaywalkers crossing the street from a farmers market are the worst, so smug

RT BorowitzReport According to autocomplete, another acceptable spelling of Moammar Gaddafi is Malcolm Gladwell.

RT samuelpepys Up, and to my office, where most of the morning, entering my journal for the three days past.

@AmidPrivilege Thank you! I had moths in my shower for a while. I thought I was losing my mind. Seemed very gothic.

RT ebertchicago 50 Horror Movies for 12 bucks. “Nosferatu,” Hunchback,” “Carnival of Souls,” Bela Legosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney…http://amzn.to/g1hDui

Facebook ad: “Amazing Gift Idea: Holocaust Survivor Cookbook.” Um, “amazed” doesn’t even begin to cover my reaction.

@KateHarding @jamiattenberg My blog response to the SAHG article: http://bit.ly/gw75if

@BostonBookGirl Resist the urge, darling. Modern brides ought to have at least one untried pleasure to look forward to on the honeymoon.

RT tomtomorrow New cartoon: the war on women. http://tinyurl.com/4fy5pvj

RT maxdaniels Years of working with narcissists has yielded a liberating insight: their sense of entitlement does not create my sense of obligation.

RT BorowitzReport Note to dictators: don’t make your son heir-apparent. On “The West Wing,” that would have been Charlie Sheen.

“Dropping subtle hints” and “modeling good behavior” never solves social problems. By def. that’s already affected everyone it’s going to.

RT Margoandhow Alas, everyone experiences failures, disappointments and bum luck. If this were not the case, why would we need Peggy Lee records?

Purple tights, the gateway drug of colored legwear: http://bit.ly/i15dl5#gatewaymetaphor

Stuff Jewish Girls Like: “Excuse Me, Did You Just Fartlek?”http://bit.ly/fCovGV

Had long conversation with friend in which he thought I was talking about one book (On the Road) & I was talking about another (The Road.)

Miss Conduct supports the defunding of #PlannedParenthood. It is in extremely bad taste to have functioning sex organs while poor.

Man tattoos verse from Leviticus forbidding homosexuality on his arm, forgetting that Leviticus also forbids tattoos:http://bzfd.it/f6MAuc

“Winter’s Bone” + “Zombieland” = “The Road.”

RT BorowitzReport Given that hunger is a trigger for revolution, I’m surprised Fashion Week passed without incident.

RT RepDianaDeGette Deeply disturbed 240 of my mostly male colleagues voted to deny women access to affordable health care through planned parenthood

“That’s how I was raised” is an adequate explanation for a neurosis, but not for a belief system.

@Margoandhow As a proud Jew myself, I appreciate self-hating Jews. They save me the time of hating them.

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